The right to asylum in wartime The right to asylum in wartime

The right to asylum in wartime

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The Western World is astonished by the decision of the Russian Federation to wage war on Ukraine. Every day we are exposed to dramatic images and we hear shocking news that we thought relegated to the Second World War. This situation has led the States of Western Europe and, later on, also those of Eastern Europe to join their efforts to ensure peace and economic stability for their citizens.

Friday April 8, 2022
2.30 PM
The right to asylum
Maria Cristina Ornano
Opening Remarks
Pietro Curzio and Giovanni Salvi
Court of Cassation
3.00 PM
The Right to Asylum in the Italian Constitution
Gaetano Silvestri
Presidente emerito della Corte costituzionale
3.20 PM
Externalisation of border controls. Stories, Witnesses, Survivors
Luca Perilli
3.40 PM
The Tragic Impact of Border Controls externalisation
docufilm by Valerio Cataldi
Journalist RAI – President of CARTA DI ROMA
4.00 PM
The Atlantic Route
Txema Santana
Advisor for Migration to the Vice-Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands
4.20 PM
Lybia: a Journey in Detention
Adal Neguse
4.40 PM
Niger, ETM (Emergency Transit Mechanism) and Voluntary Return
Cristina Laura Cecchini
Lawyer ASGI
5.00 PM
III PANEL - Round Table
Third-Countries Agreements, the Legal Fiction of Safe Countries and the Non-refoulement principle, the Constitutional Right to Asylum
Luca Minniti
Chiara Favilli
University of Firenze
Paolo Morozzo Della Rocca
University for Foreigners of Perugia
Monica Velletti
Marco Benvenuti
University La Sapienza Roma
6.30 PM
Closing Remarks
Alessandra Dal Moro
High Council for the Judiciary
Saturday April 9, 2022
9.15 AM
Externalisation of border controls. Stories, Witnesses, Survivors
Martina Flamini
9.20 AM
An Interview from the Places of Detention in Lybia
by Valerio Cataldi
Journalist RAI – President CARTA DI ROMA
9.40 AM
The Eastern Route
Yagoub Kibeida
10.00 AM
The pushbacks from Greece to Turkey
Giota Masoridou
General Secretary European Democratic Lawyers
10.20 AM
The route to Cyprus via Turkey
Ilaria Della Moretta
Asylum Expert
10.40 AM
Coffee Break
11.00 AM
V PANEL – The Space of the Politics
Offshoring Border Constrols a Pillar of EU and Member States Migration and Asylum Policies
Sara Prestianni
Euromed Rights
11.20 AM
What policy options to ensure access to asylum procedures and an effective remedy against refoulement?
Vincenzo Spagnolo
Journalist Avvenire
Maria Arena
Chair Subcommittee on Human Rights
Emma Bonino
Member of Italian Parliament, Senator
Riccardo Clerici
UNHCR, Senior Government liaison officer
Laurence Hart
OIM, Director IOM Coordination Office for the Mediterranean
Mario Marazziti
Member of Italian Parliament, Comunità Sant’Egidio
Matteo Mauri
Member of Italian Parliament, Partito democratico
1.00 PM
Closing Remarks
Eugenio Albamonte
Secretary AreaDG